3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Customer Service


Whether you are a small business, large business, B2B, or B2C, good customer service should always remain a top priority.  It’s easy to let your attention to customer service slip as your business grows, but that is a big mistake. Here’s why customer service is so important to the success of your company and why you should always care about serving your customers:

1.     Brand Identity

In the eyes of a customer, brand identity is almost exclusively based on their contact with that company. If you want to stand out from your competitors, treat your customers with more respect than they deserve. Doing so will speak volumes of where your priorities lie and who you are as a company.

2.     Builds trust

New customers rely on word of mouth more than ever before. It’s tough competition with the easy access to product and company reviews via Google, YouTube, Amazon, and word of mouth. There’s practically no way you can lie to your audience and you shouldn’t want to, because your customers will make the truth known. So always be transparent, clear, and upfront and treat every customer as if they are you best customer.  Trust is very fragile thing- hard to gain but easy to loose.

3.     Publicity

Opinions and news, whether they are good or bad, can spread like wildfire. So get your customers talking, but only about good things. Show them how much you care and then they will tell their friends about it. Conversely, show them how much you don’t care, and they will tell the whole internet.


Here at CoreScreening, our customers and their needs are our top priority and they always will be. We recognize that good customer service comes in the form of education and support for both the client and their applicants.

We will be there every step of the way for our clients to understand our program and every tool they have access to. We also educate clients on how to achieve complete accuracy in their screenings to provide the most qualified and eligible applicants.

We will also be there for each and every applicant, while most screening companies aren’t. We proactively call the applicants if any issues arise in their screenings. We educate the applicant about their rights and processes so a program glitch isn’t what keeps them from getting a job, because we know their livelihood depends on it.

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