The Clean Slate Initiative


Introduction to the Clean Slate Initiative (CSI)

The Clean Slate Initiative’s vision is that everyone in America should have a fair opportunity to work, have a safe home, take care of their families, and contribute to their community. The Clean Slate Initiative seeks to provide individuals with the opportunity for a second chance.

Clean Slate efforts are rooted in a belief that people should not face unnecessary and extra-judicial punishments long after they have been arrested or completed a court-imposed sentence. 

Records removal from the public record offers people a pathway to redemption by opening access to meaningful employment, housing, and education opportunities that allow them to provide for themselves and their families. 

Clean Slate Initiative Minimum State Standards:

For a state to be listed as a Clean Slate State, they must comply with the following minimum criteria to meet CSI standards:

  • Automation of record clearance;
  • Automatic clearance upon eligibility of the record (noting that eligibility varies by state);
  • Inclusion of arrest records;
  • Inclusion of misdemeanor records; and,
  • Strong recommendation for laws to include eligibility of at least one felony record.

To date, 12 states have passed laws that meet CSI’s Clean Slate criteria –

Pennsylvania (2018)

Utah (2019)

New Jersey (2019)

Michigan (2020)

Connecticut (2020)

Delaware (2021)

Virginia (2021)

Oklahoma (2022)

Colorado (2022)

California (2022)

Minnesota (2023)

New York* (2023)

*Bill waiting for New York Gov. Hochul’s approval

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