Identity Verification Services

Identity verification is the important process of ensuring that a person is who they claim to be to establish trust and mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities or misrepresentation. By confirming someone’s identity and validating their personal information, employers or organizations can make more informed decisions during the hiring process or when considering individuals for certain positions or opportunities.

Criminal Background Checks

By conducting a thorough criminal background check, you can establish a trustworthy team and safeguard your company’s reputation while minimizing risks. Incorporating criminal record background checks into your hiring process offers several benefits, allowing you to minimize risk and foster a safe workplace.

By embracing comprehensive criminal background checks, you can build a reliable and responsible team while mitigating risks, protecting your company’s reputation, and fostering a secure and compliant work environment.

According to Statistics

In 2021, 91% of organizations conducted background screening for full-time employees.
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87% of employers do background checks during the pre-employment stage.
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41% of applicants are only willing to wait one week to 10 days to complete their background check process.
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54% of applicants have lied about their previous work experience.
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