Workers’ Compensation Screenings


What They are, and Your Business Needs Them

Companies are looking to avoid risk in their hiring practices. Some screening practices are performed to minimize exposure to liability. Other screening practices are performed to verify the integrity of the applicant. Workers’ compensation screening is a common practice among employers, but employers must be careful when using these practices.

What is a workers’ compensation screening?

Employers obtain a workers’ compensation report to offer insight into a candidate’s workplace injury history. The report reveals worker’s compensation claims filed for every employer. It details the person’s injuries and details about the claimant.


Why Employers Should use Them

The report is used to make reasonable accommodations for the employees to prevent future injuries. They can also be used to outline work responsibilities, which may factor in work restrictions that could put the employee at risk. Jobs that require physical labor may put both the employer and employee at risk. The workers’ compensation claim history could reveal a history of fraud or injuries that could indicate the person’s likelihood of filing a report in the future. Employers look to limit costs and liabilities when using the worker’s compensation report.


What to Look for When Reviewing a Workers’ Compensation Report

A comprehensive workers’ compensation report can reveal dates of previous accidents and also reveal the nature of the injury. The amount of time taken off from work is included in the report. Whether or not the claim was denied or upheld by the state and if the injury was classified as a permanent or temporary disability claim.

What to Watch out For

The risks of workers’ compensation screening are great if they are performed before an offer is extended. A workers’ compensation screening is ideally conducted once the person has been hired. The offer can be rescinded if there is a pattern of fraudulent claims discovered. Employers also perform these screenings to verify the employee’s account of their physical health. If a person is believed to be a threat to himself or herself, the employer can rescind the offer. The workers’ compensation screening ca also reveal that the person is incapable of performing the assigned duties essential to the position applied for with the company.


A workers’ compensation screening report is an insightful tool for employers, but it must be used strategically once an offer has been made. You don’t want to run the risk of being sued for discriminatory hiring practices. You also want to understand the health risks the person is facing and understand whether or not they will be able to perform the required responsibilities of the position.

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