Nursing Trends You Need to Understand for 2018


As we know, demand for nurses hasn’t just been steady for the last several years, it has continued to increase and is now at an all time high.

In this article we want to talk about how nursing schools can best cope with this demand and what they need to know to stay competitive in the marketplace.

First, be mindful of the specialties that are most in demand. This may vary by region, but in 2017 we saw an increase in demand for emergency medicine, gastroenterology, radiology, dialysis, and cardiology. Incorporating these into your marketing may help attract nursing students who are eyeing these career paths.

Second, technology is changing at lightening speed and nursing programs that fall behind will quickly lose students to more technologically friendly programs. Being willing to offer training and invest in this area will keep your school competitive.

Similarly, the healthcare landscape is constantly changing as well. An appeal to the Affordable Care Act, any new legislation, new medical discoveries, or any other sweeping overhauls to our current system could impact the industry greatly. Any program that wishes to remain relevant will contribute resources to staying out in front of these changes.

Lastly, your student nurses will one day soon become licensed nurses looking for a job. Even with shortages in the field, helping your students make the transition will require your staff to monitor marketplace trends carefully.

Regionalism vs national chains, travel nurses, and other en vogue career paths can be fraught with decisions. Guiding your students through these sometimes murky waters will help your program distinguish itself as one that cares intently about life after school.

There is no better time to embark on the rewarding and fulfilling career path of being a nurse. Helping your students navigate these trends in 2018 is paramount to staying competitive and helping them walk the path of this noble profession.


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