County Access Restrictions


Odyssey Outage Message – Impacted states include various counties in: CA, TX, ID, GA, IL, WA.  The Odyssey portals used to conduct criminal record searches are offline due to a massive data breach.  Orders that include impacted counties are not able to be completed at this time. We will provide an update once their system is back online.  

Specific county details for California only: 

Several California Counties have removed access to the public index owing to a data breach in the platform they use (Odyssey) Please see link below for details. Below is a list of counties using this platform. The yellow highlighted counties have removed access and the index is inactive.

The blue highlighted counties use the Odyssey system but the public index is still active.

Santa Cruz is reportedly still active, but requires a registration process, which is currently not working. It is effectively inactive, currently.

We are experiencing delays in these counties with inactive indexes.

For information about the leak, please visit:

County NameActiveInactive
Alameda X
Butte X
Calaveras X
Fresno X
Napa X
San BernardinoX 
San MateoX 
Santa BarbaraX 
Santa CruzXX
Sutter X
Yolo X
Yuba X
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