4 Ways to Connect With Millennial Students


Millennials are not difficult… they are just different. In order for college and university facility to connect with millennial students, it takes some adaption. Here are 4 ways you can connect better with millennial students:

  1. Go digital

Gone are the days of paper applications and hard copy forms. Millennials are all about the digital. If there is any information they need to know, make sure it’s online for them to find. Examples include application requirements, program expectations, and important dates or deadlines.

  1. Be specific

Millennials require specific direction to complete a task with detailed expectations. Open interpretation can lead to misunderstanding, so give clear direction if you need something done in a very specific way.  Be as concise as possible to cover those that “skim” versus read.

  1. Give explanations

In order to get a point across you need to explain the reasoning behind it. Millennials are constantly challenging norms, so “This is how we’ve always done it” won’t work on them. If there are procedures or traditions that you can’t bear to change, then just explain why and they will listen.

  1. Be more relaxed

Research shows that millennial students prefer a less formal learning environment. They thrive on relationships with professors and other classmates. That means all faculty should strive to be more accessible and approachable for the students.


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